5 Outstanding Ted-Ed Videos To Make You Little Wiser






5 ted-ed videos to make you wiser
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

As the potato-chips jingle once crooned “No-one can eat just one“, so should be the Ted-Ed theme song ( if ever they have any). ‘Cause, I bet you can’t stop at one. They are hella compelling.

To hell with Netflix and HBO series, these days I’m binge-watching Ted-Ed videos and not having them enough.

Here are 5 Ted-Ed videos that made me a little wiser than last week, if not smarter or richer.

On brain-teasing 





My brain literally (I effing hate this word) imploded after watching it. The best summation is spelled out in the subsequent thread-

  You explained it to me but now I need someone to explain the explanation.

If anywhere in future I’m getting two fur-babies, I’m gonna name them “OZO” and “UlU”.


On art




Would it be a blasphemy if the art-illiterate in me find Girl with a Pearl Earring more ethereal than Monalisa.

Even since I’m addicted to Wiki-Art, browsing through the galleries have become my time-kill or time well-spent (the way you put it).

Here’s the best comment under the video-thread that captures what I felt after scrutinizing the portrait.

“She looks almost caught off-guard. A bit like a portrait was painted in the instant a photograph is taken. When you call someone’s name and they turn their head to look at you, and you take the photo just as they face you. Her parted lips seem almost a result of surprise about to turn into a casual smile as she recognizes the observer.”


On music 


Now, listening to YouTube channel Halidon Music, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”  is my jam, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (along with Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite) is what makes me feel a little better during those gloomy mood swings or when insomnia is at its peak.

Here’s an interesting read on this concerti.









On deep thinking



“The Philosophy of Stoicism” or should I title “An Idiot’s Guide To Stoicism“?

There are tonnes of BS about this school of philosophy everywhere.

In case you are like (too short on patience to lend an ear/eye to everything out there about stoicism, then this short video can be your first stepping stone in understanding it.


On literature


One of many things I’m ashamed of myself- is not reading unabridged Shakespeare.

I’ve read the abridged children-worthy Shakespeare plays in my archaic school textbook. And their Bengali translations as well.

This Ted-Ed video is enticing me enough to dig in original Macbeth first and binge-read other works by the bard.

Even if you can quote from “Macbeth” verbatim, see the captivating visuals yourself. It might push you to give the book a re-read.


If you love Ted-Ed videos the way I do, share with me your favorite ones


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    • Jheelam says:

      Yeah, I read and loved your article. Left a comment as well. Not sure whether it has been posted successfully. It’s not showing on your comment thread. 😦

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