35 fun (& quirky) post-ideas for book-bloggers

As a book blogger, you might hit a plateau after writing reviews, after reviews, after reviews. I mean, how many over-enthusiastic posts one can write singing paeans to Sarah J. Mass (ahem)??

35 quirky (& fun) post-ideas for book-bloggers

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Below, I’ve compiled 35 blog-post ideas that I find quirky and something I might try in future.


  1. Is “reading”, as a hobby, is overrated?
  2. Your top 10 conversation-starters with non-readers.
  3. Can a book really change a life?
  4. The “banned” books you’ve read.
  5. Reading “fiction” got a bad rap lately. Your top 10 reasons to defend this genre.
  6. Have “reading challenges” taken away the joy of reading?
  7. Your guide to a beginner in the genres like “Demon erotica“/”Steampunk“/”Diesel-punk”. Give book recommendations as well.
  8. 5 books a foreigner must read to know “your” country better.
  9. 10 worst books you’ve read over the years.
  10. Worst authors you’ve read over the years.
  11. 10 overrated books that others liked but you DNF.
  12. 10 reasons “ Victorian Classics” have become passé.
  13. Would you date/marry someone who doesn’t read (and looks at your bibliophile-ness with disdain)?
  14. 5 “classic fiction” heroes that were douche bags.
  15. 5 YA fantasy-female leads that are insufferable.
  16. 10 non-fiction recommendations that are not from “self-help” genre.
  17. Which 5 books have you read and loved- outside your reading comfort zone?
  18. Your favorite Shakespeare-plays in ascending order.
  19. 5 reasons you think reading poetry is wastage of time.
  20. Take 10 fictional characters and rate them on the basis of “kill, marry, hook up”.
  21. 5 children books you’d recommend/gift  to create awareness regarding sex- ed.
  22. Do you love/hate/have a bitter-sweet feeling regarding “Fountain Head”? Show 5 reasons why.
  23. 5 dark/creepy comics/graphic novels you’ve ever read in life.
  24. 5 political graphic novels you’d urge everyone to read.
  25. Rate 10 romantic book-covers- from classy to trashy and in-between.
  26. 5 “graphic sex scenes” you’ve read that “felt redundant“.
  27. 5 gifts, a book-nerd (like you), would always make use of.
  28. 5 reasons why “World War II” has become such an overused setting in the historical fiction genre.
  29. Celebrated Feminist books that you otherwise found problematic in tone.  
  30. Your 5 monthly budget-planning tips for purchasing books/reading-related accessories.
  31. Your top 5 Christmas reads that are totally anti of the spirit of festivity.
  32. A review of the year 2018 – in terms number of books you’ve read, internalized, DNF and bought.
  33. As an avid book-blogger, what other types of blogs you’d find most interesting and most annoying (keep the tone non-bitchy) to read.
  34. Books that haven’t aged very well.
  35. Century-old Books that are still relevant.



Do you write about books & reading- in general? What do you think about the above-mentioned post-ideas?

Would you like to try out some of them in the coming months? Do let me know in comments section.


8 thoughts on “35 fun (& quirky) post-ideas for book-bloggers

  1. Heather says:

    I was going to comment tomorrow as it’s late here and I KNEW I’d get suckered in. I’m not a book blogger just a bookworm 😉 and wow, some of these are appealing! 😀 Nice work!

  2. Shalzmojo says:

    How on earth did you come up with such an interesting list Jheelam? Some of them are really quirky – point no 20 is my favourite out of all this. I would Kill Bella, Marry Edward and hook up with Jacob 😉

    • Jheelam says:

      Yay, I’m team Jacob as well (and would conviniently forget the creepy “imprinting” part 😛 ). So glad you liked it. Thank you for the kind words.

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