6 digital platoforms to make “reading” cool again

Hello friends, the things about reading voraciously are, it can make you-

  • li’l isolated (okay, a lot). And
  • a seeker for solitude. And
  • believe that the best party is a book-swap party.


6 digital resources for bookworms


However, if you read then it doesn’t mean you have to read alone.

Out there, in the ether of the internet, lie a host of digital communities, making “reading” cool again. 


The followings are my chosen six-


1. Books On Toast

YouTube Link: This way

Currently, BoT is my new source of kicking in some dopamine.

Run by two pretty-as- poodles book geeks- Anuya and Sharin, Books On Toast (or BoT) is the YouTube channel if you love everything in the garb of words/texts/prints.


This is a unique community that-

  • hosts weekly panel-discussions about various literary genres,
  • invites guests from diverse back-grounds
  • interviews authors and
  • releases short videos reviewing latest releases.

Believe me guys, I’ve searched the internet to find out another channel like this.

But till now, BoT is one of its kind.


Listen to any of the BoTcast and you’ll realize- book blogging is not always sticking to only what’s new (and hot) on the block. 



2. BookBub

Site link: This way

If you’re a stickler for “books” (hardcover/paperback/printed shit), then skip this one. For the rest of us who value convenience over custom, BookBub is a hub for-

  • hunting down cheap deals on e-books,
  • book recommendations by your favorite authors and
  • curated list based on the genres you choose.


But it’s the first one which is too lucrative to miss out on if you’re an avid Kindle-r.



3. Emmasaying

YouTube Channel link: This way

Basically, Emmasaying is an English pronunciation channel on YouTube.

Don’t know which direction to curve your lips and roll your tongue to utter “Otorhinolaryngology”? Head straightaway to Emmasaying.

But this is such a good platform if you love listening to poetry lyrics.

Now, I’m a certified poetry-hater. My knowledge and inclination towards it is stuck into the era of Shelly and Keats only.



But with the help of the effervescent and ever-invisible Emma, lately, I’ve been exploring to beautiful poetry lyrics such as “One More cup of Coffee” by Bob Dylan or “Bird On A Wire” by Leonard Cohen.


And with that sonorous voice, Emma can call out the items on her grocery list and it’d still ring in my ear like a lullaby.



4. Literary Hub

Site link: This way


This is the melee of book-lovers united at its finest.

Dive into the gems that Lit Hub has to offer and you’ll find out whether or not “Friends” was a gayphobe sitcom or the female-dominated contemporary literature scene in Japan.

I mean if you care for these sort of things over (or alongside) YA fantasy. I do.

The daily fiction section publishes short stories, poems, and excerpts from novels published by Indie authors.


In short, Lit Hub is a paradise of all sorts hip, trendy, and classy that has been happening in the literary circuit.



5. No Fear Shakespeare

Website link: This way

I’m a totally Shakespeare-illiterate. In another life, I read whatever-Shakespeare is prescribed in our class syllabus.

Those were the abridged versions of “As You Like It” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

But delving deep into the works of the bard with its original text? No Sire, that was not for me, till, I found about No Fear Shakespeare– a section of SparkNotes.


5 digital platforms for book lovers

image source: Pixabay


So if you’re a millennial or clueless xennial like me, who hitherto didn’t know what “Upon The Heath” means, this is a treasure trove.




6. Read Comic Online

Site link: This way

Now I’m no expert and don’t know whether its copyright infringement or not, but Man, Read Comic Online is addictive as af if you’re new/hooked to graphic novels.

I mean if you’re budget-crunched but would still want to read everything Alan Moore or the recent issue of “Monstress”, then this is the place to be.


Read also: If you love Goodreads, check out these 5 fabulous sites


Is there any digital platform which you fires up your love for reading often? Do tell me.



15 thoughts on “6 digital platoforms to make “reading” cool again

  1. The Words Kraft says:

    The old school paper books had a greater appeal. The online books could be more convenient, but somehow lacks the charm, associated with book reading. Your blog nevertheless is good.

  2. Becky Ginther says:

    Great list! I actually started an online Disney book club – we pick a Disney or fairy tale inspired book to read and then discuss it in a facebook group. Another good way to interact a bit more about books!

    • Jheelam says:

      That’s so cool. I like retelling of fairy tales. Do write about this group sometime. Would love to know more about it.

  3. Jiawun | Beauty Nerd By Night says:

    I’ve never heard of any of these, except for Emmasaying. I’m pretty sure I’ve googled how to pronounce something and stumbled across one of her videos before, haha. I like reading but I definitely prefer the convenience of e-books, so Bookbub sounds like one I might have to check out.

    • Jheelam says:

      Ebooks are my saviours as well. Bookbub is pretty fantastic. You should definitely check it out. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

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