18 excellent things to do after crying *it* out

I wholeheartedly believe that crying is cathartic.

There is no shame in weep your heart out, even if you are above 30 and grappling with the alien concept called “adulting“.

And men, shed tears whenever you feel like, throwing toxic masculinity which propagates “Men don’t cry” to the wind.

If you’re a gender non-conformist/transgender, I’m pleading to you as well.

18 things to do after *crying your heart out*


[Lately, I’ve been reading Harry Potter for the firsttime in life(* buries head in shame*). And after finishing off the 5th book, feeling immensely compassionate with Cho Chang. Apparently, she sheds tears at the drop of the hat and becomes the point-of-ridicule. But I can feel from where she comes.]


However, what to do when you’re done with *the* part and now left with crumpled hair, smudged mascara, tear-stained face and a hollowness in the heart?


The following tips are my personal pick-me-ups after a good *bawling my eyes out* session:


1. Brush your teeth

Crying always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. If it does to you as well, I’ll vehemently support brushing your teeth as soon as possible.

Gargling with mouth-wash is a good alternative as well.


 2. Drink plenty of water

I’m high on tannin and caffeine throughout the day, but post-crying I feel dehydrated and drink water like a fish.

Do it and you’re promised to feel better.


 3. Go for a head massage (or DIY)

Crying leaves me with a slow-burning headache every time.

In case, I’ve bucks to spend and time to waste  (use) productively, I head for a salon to have a head-and-neck massage. On other occasions, I do it myself.

You can also ask any family-member to lend a hand, in case you’re ready to hear the well-intentional “tsk, tsk“.


 4. Use eye drops

I’m a big fan of eye-drop (even if my eye-sight is pretty sound right at this moment) and go for it any day over those ice-pack compress/ sliced potato/cucumber techniques for puffy eyes.


5. Write it out (get the nerve? flaunt it too)

Jotting your thoughts often comes useful. If you get the nerve, put it on social media to attract a few sympathetic *virtual* pats/eyes/ears.

18 self-care tips post-crying

Photo by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unsplash

Once upon a time, I used to judge heavily the folks who lay their hearts bare on social media. Not anymore.

On a personal level, this tactic doesn’t work for me. But if there are others who find solace in the words of strangers/followers, who am I to judge?


 6. Sleep like a dead-log

Put your phone on a silent mode/voice-call, hang a “Do Not Disturb” board outside your front-door and sleep like a log.

You’ve recently gone through a heart-rendering session. You’ve earned this.


 7. Tell your 2.00 AM friend to prove loyalty…NOW

Have a 2.00 AM friend (for me, it’s my sister)? Ring the person up right away and demand words of comfort and telephonic hug.

Plan for a weekend pity-party( highly endorsed) or pity-brunch.


8. Eat something good

Pasta with loads of cheese always perks me up. Or cheese sandwich. Heck, even cheese-infused instant noodles would do.

This is the time for piecing your broken hearts together. Don’t count calories.


 9. Cuddle a fluffy (& alive) *thing*

self-care tips after crying

image source: Photo by Danilo Batista on Unsplash

I’ve cuddled few dogs/cats (not mine, but of others) in time of great distress and found comfort in the process.

In case you’ve fur-baby, what are you waiting for? Just don’t cuddle the poor animal to death.


10. Punch the pillow

How many times have we seen on-screen that the protagonist is going for a run to sorting/vent out things after a heart-breaking moment?

It doesn’t work for me, cause I feel too lazy to do that. Punching a pillow helps, instead.


 11. Chop off  hair

Another highly advocated thing to do.

If you are in the mood of not giving a f**k, go for a side-shave / military cut.


 12. A warm bath is needed

A bless for the sore heart, if you ask me. Even if you live in a hot and humid climate like mine.

Few drops of an essential oil enhance the experience manifold.


13. Read graphic novels/comics

self-care tips after crying

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

If you rely on books for distraction, I’d goad you to go for books with lots of images and colors.

Instead of some dried-out lines on white background, these books always give me comfort, post-crying.


14. Watch mindless stuff (do nothing remotely *woke*)

I go for “reaction” videos by goggle-eyed foreigners on Bollywood movies.

It’s evident that they are not getting the nuances/what’s happening on-screen. Still, it feels good to watch them.


15. Believe it’s okay to look like mad-hatter sometimes

In only YA romance, the heroines look charming while crying and the dreamboat of a man kisses her.

No such luck for us, ladies. So accept you’re looking *not your best-self* right now.


16. Use chapsticks

Continuing the above point, I’d stress to moisturize your lips and forget about making bold *lippie* statements (in contrary to the popular internet pieces of advice).


17. No “There are others with sadder lives”

There would be others who would chide you for crying, saying “There are street children with empty bellies. How dare you feel this bad for yourself?“.

18 self-care tips after crying

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

So keep this task for those well-wishers (?). You’re allowed to feel like world’s saddest troll, digging out a pit and lying down there till the world ends.


18. Believe that crying has a sunny-side as well

Won’t emphasize on it much. Just visit this link by WebMD to know the health benefits of jerking off tears.


So, how do you cope with after a heavy session of crying? ( don’t pretend that you don’t do).


*I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter*


26 thoughts on “18 excellent things to do after crying *it* out

  1. Laura Allen says:

    I love these tips… I haven’t had a good cry sesh in what seems like forever…because half the time, when I cry, it’s ugly, terrible, and Im left feeling worse than before. I never thought to do these things after having a melt down or good cry sesh…I’ve bookmarked this post for the next time I have a melt down… so I can be productive! haha thank you so much for this!

  2. Becky Ginther says:

    I so agree with you. And as an adult now re-reading Harry Potter for the millionth time, I have a new sympathy for Cho Chang. I feel like she gets brushed off in the books as being annoying and too emotional, but think about what that girl has gone through!! Her boyfriend died when she was 15 and her new sorta-boyfriend Harry is kind of the worst at understanding emotions. I’d be crying a lot too.

    • Jheelam says:

      You are so right. May be there is a teenager-trapped-inside my 30-something soul somewhere, so I’m totally rooting for Cho Chang. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

    • Jheelam says:

      Thank you for comment. 🙂 Yeah, I beat myself as well for being so mushy all the time, but then I remind myself that this is not a crime to be emotional. 😛

  3. Ella: Craft Up Your Life says:

    I love this post! Especially the part about allowing yourself to have a pity party, you’re right sometimes you just need to let yourself be sad instead of beating yourself up. I always try to find something to laugh at after a good cry.

  4. Roy S says:

    Hey. The topic you chose to write about is amazing. Thanks for giving such life saving advises.
    I would personally like to follow these steps and i get this feeling from inside that these will definitely help me cope up with me crying my heart out.

  5. alpanadeo says:

    Wow…these are some very thoughtful solutions. I usually watch anything meaningless. As I am not 100% present there bit watching something to distract mind is enough. Someti s talking myself also helps as I need a vent.

    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  6. alisonw30 says:

    Excellent post! I lost my Dad in July and am trying to let crying fits just happen as I know it’s a good thing to do! Trouble is I look like a bull frog afterwards! I will definitely try eye drops/cucumber. I love the pets tip too, I’ve always thought animals can sense you are sad as they often appear for a cuddle at just the right moment 🙂

    • Jheelam says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Animals have been a great source of comfort for me for quite some time now. I hope you’re okay now. Take care. ❤

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