Fantastic TV theme songs that deserve your ear


top 5 TV theme songs that are absolutely repeat-worthy


Show: Outlander

Artist(s): Bear McCreary (composer); Raya Yarbrough (singer)

Song: The Skye Boat Song

I used to watch “Outlander” but stopped precisely at Ep.10 Season-1; those “sex scenes” were too steamy to handle for my daal-pissing loins (sorry if you’re grossed out).

However, the perfect part of the series to me (except the romps between Claire and Jaime) was the opening song.



I still listen to it on a loop. The best part of the lyrics?

“All that was good, all that was fair, all that was me is gone.”



Show: BroadChurch (Season 1)

Artist(s): Ólafur Arnalds feat:Arnór Dan

Song: So Close

I’ve binge-watched BroadChurch Season 1 and grew a heavy girl-crush on Olivia Colman since then.

Her badassery in “The Night Manager” cemented it a tad more; I mean seriously, she looked/behaved/acted way sexier than Tom Hiddleston there.

However, apart from the near-flawless plot with a gut-wrenching ending, the stunning visuals, and a brilliant cast- what kept me hooked me to the season 1 of BroadChurch was this end-credit song.



The music is so haunting that it reminds me of- cliffs, crashing waves, sands, and moors. And a vast feeling of loneliness.

The favorite part of the lyrics-

“The war of our lives no one can win”


Show: Happy Valley (Season 1)

Artist: Jake Bugg

Song: Trouble Town

The Season 1 of “Happy Valley” was all sorts of fantabulastic.

I mean, who can resist a small-town murder mystery investigation- helmed by a kickass lady Police-Chief like Sarah Lancashire?

The opening song is my jam ever since-


The favorite part of the lyrics (keeping a water-logged, monsoon-heavy Kolkata on my mind)-

“Stuck in speed bump city
Where the only thing that’s pretty
Is the thought of getting out.”



Show: True Detective (Season 1)

Artist: The Handsome Family 

Song Name: Far From Any Road

This is no surprise. Tonnes had been written about the legen-wait for it..dary-ness of “True Detective” Season 1 and its title track in all of its glory.

Here you go-

The best part of the lyrics:

“And rise with me forever
Across the silent sand
And the stars will be your eyes
And the wind will be my hands.”


If you like the sense of doom in music, then it can not get better than this.


Show: Peaky Blinders

Artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Song: Red Right Hand

Okay,  Cillian Murphy makes my heart flutter and though the show is not above flaws, my admiration for the man at the helm overshadows everything else.

Oh, and the title track is groovy, sexy and very, very ‘sophisticated’ gangster-y.


My favorite part of the lyrics-

“On a gathering storm comes A tall handsome man In a dusty black coat with A red right hand.”


Here’s another great list for the interested ones.

Which TV soundtracks you could listen on a loop? Do share with me.


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