10 random things that made me happy last week

A red door



This red door is the front door of Durpin Gompa, Kalimpong.

When we visited the place (just before sunset), it was already closed.

But the luminosity, the intricate detailing of the design-pattern and the mystery that every closed-and-massive door brings forth, gave me a nudge to click few pictures of it.

Though my cheap smartphone camera picture didn’t give the vibrancy of the scarlet shade any justice.

It looks more magnificent in person.


A quaint hamlet


This is the picturesque view of the hamlet ( in which there is a resort that became our abode for one day) from hill-top.

The sky was cloudy till then but once I took out my phone, the fog started to get thinner and few strayed rays of sun came out.


Mountain flower-bed


I forgot the place where I took this photo.

But the flower-bed looked so serene and I love this shade of blue ( is it blue or azure??).

What’s more, by the look of it, these flowers don’t seem to get much tending from the gardener. Yet, they were blooming happily on their own.

Much like humane spirit in adverse places.



A ‘haunted’ Morgan House


Morgan House is a part of spooky folklore throughout this part of the earth- especially among mountain-lovers.

Built in the 1930s, it had welcomed a plethora of celebrity footfalls as well spooked the s**t out of many unfortunate travelers.

Currently run by West Bengal Board of Tourism, getting a room here means waiting for a lengthy online process, as flocks of tourists keep a hawk-eyed watch on it, even during the off-season.

I have taken quite a few photos of the mansion-turned-hotel but this particular one gives me a creepy vibe.

I was half-expectant to spot suddenly an ashen, shrunken face with two pieces of burning coals instead of eyes, peeping out across the window upstairs.

Alas, no such luck.

A Neplai Thali

10 random things that made me happy last week

Nepali Fare

This was the first time, I was gorging on Nepali cuisine (that too, vegetarian) and I was salivating over the red onion salad and spicy greens.

I was too busy eating to ask the cook for recipe afterward.


A ‘camera-friendly’ pooch

10 random things that made me happy last week

Posey Pooch

This pooch was a Hollywood diva from yore ( maybe Marilyn Monroe) reincarnated. She was demanding, threw tantrums, gave me sideways glances and at last, agreed to pose for me.

I was instructing her to tilt head, look right, look left etc. And holy molly, she got it perfect each time.

However, among the lot, this one is my most favorite.


A cozy corner to read/stash books

10 random things that made me happy last week

Dining room-cum-book corner, Chhibo Bustee

Our resort dining hall had this cozy corner for book lovers. And a blank slate for visitors to write down their thoughts before checking out.

I liked the minimalism here. The book-blogger inside me applauds.


Prayer Wheels

10 random things that made me happy last week

Prayer wheels of Durpin Gompa, Kalimpong

Again, these prayer wheels were of brightest of the colors (from Durpin Gompa itself) and my phone-camera failed to deliver justice.

However, I just love prayer wheels.

When we were at the spot there was a small crowd of locals who were spinning the row of wheels (for 7 turns) before calling it a day.

I think it is for bringing good luck or sort.

I was too lazy/unbeliever to do that but just by observing the devotees partaking in this ancient ritual with rapt silence and patience- had a calming effect on my frayed nerves.


A friendly Alsatian

10 random things that made me happy last week

An adorable Alsatian

I’ve never seen such a fearsome-yet-friendly Alsatian before.

He was all for cuddles, poses, and petting- thus he deserved a row of clicks from the shutterbug (yours truly).


A youthful portrait of my favorite poet

10 random things that made me happy last week

Young Rabindranath Tagore

We visited the historical Mungpoo House where Rabindranath Tagore (for the uninitiated ones, check out wiki) resided as a guest thrice in his lifetime.

This portrait of him (by an artist unknown) during his 20s (or 30s) made my heart flutter. Wasn’t he handsome, lithe and majestic?


What made you happy in recent times? The random, mundane things will do. Just share it with me.




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    • Jheelam says:

      Hey, thanks for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚ We had this amazing Nepali thali at Himalayan Eagle Resort@ Chhibo, Kalimpong.

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