‘Incel’ and Other 9 Terms I’m Lusting After These Days

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Let’s increase our vocabulary, shall we? Here are the 10 terms I’m crushing on for the last 10 days

‘Incel’ and Other 9 Terms I’m Lusting after These Days

Image Credit: Pixabay




This one tops the chart. “Incel” means-

“Involuntarily Celibate” men who blame women for everything in life (okay not everything, but missing the action between sheets).


Do you know Reddit had an Incel subredit once but now it’s blocked for spreading too much misogyny?

I know this example sounds pathetic but I’m scratching my head and nothing alternative has come out yet.


Chad means-

“A boy or man with a monumental ego, wannabe badass and show-offey vibes, an expensive taste in cars/drinks/clothes/accessories and loves to hang out in groups. And he can be spotted mostly in hip nightclubs, concerts, frat houses etc.”


Date a chad and get ready to be screwed up.


Now enough of frat culture and now look up to an amazing coinage from Ireland I learned recently:


Emerald Noir

Emerald Noir means-

“gripping thriller/crime genre of literature that has been emerging out of Ireland pretty fast.”


Tana French is quintessential front-runner in Emerald Noir; don’t miss out on her Dublin Murder Squad Series.


Biophilia means-

“The love one feels for other biological forms, natural surroundings and towards life itself.”


Want to know the secret behind my radiant skin? It’s high level of Biophilia.



There can be multiple meanings of Gangbuster but it sums up into –

“Something that comes in with a bang, an excitement, intensity or a promise to be successful.”


In Narcos, the DEA agents had the last laugh after having a gangbuster success against Medellin cartel.


image credit: Pixabay


It means-

“Collecting trivia about books, certain authors, history of its publication etc.”


Reading is not enough for me. Once I put down the book I loved, I try to dig into its booklore.



It means-

“A genre of indie films that are low-budget, made by novice actors and technicians and typically portray slices-of-daily-life.”


Even a well-made mumblecore movie is not my jam. I’m up for MCU franchise any day.



Tuckshop means-

“A shop inside a school compound selling junk food and soft drinks.”


We don’t have the concept of tuck shop in Indian public schools. All the mobile food-selling vendors do it outside of the premise.



Pussyfoot means-

“  Either i) to be uncertain of your move/decision or ii) to skulk ”


I was pussyfooting my way out of office but the supervisor caught me off-guard.


“Not here to fuck spiders”

This gem of a term is originally from Australia. It means-

“Not here to waste time or dilly-dallying.”


I know that your ‘Not here to fuck spiders’ doesn’t equate to fucking spiders in actuality. Yet, imagining you doing an arthropod is giving me major creeps.


What other word/term have you learned recently that warmed the cockles of your heart? Do share it with me.



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