5 freelancing woes (apart from delayed payments & impossible deadlines)

This is a list of 5 freelancing obstacles that are part-and-parcel of gig economy anywhere.

Freelancing gave me the opportunity to be my own boss, to work for flexible hours and to pick and choose the projects after my choice.

However, any freelancer worth her salt would tell you that two of the biggest headaches that come with self-employment are – chasing away the clients for payment and meeting the steep deadlines (especially when you are juggling with multiple assignments).

But there are some ancillary woes that pop up, when you are confined to you own solitary, private work-space throughout the day.

Whether you are an iOS app developer, a graphic designer or a content writer sailing your own boat, the following anguishes must have rocked your dinghy at some-point -of time or other.

Combating Weight gain

5 freelancing woes in India image credit: Pexels

Sitting is the silent killer of 21st century and who knows it better than someone, whose sole earning depends upon typing away to glory…

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