10 powerful words I am in love, for last 10 days

Let’s do some vocab-building-

  1. Schadenfreude

It means taking delight in other people’s misfortune.

e.g. – My abusive Ex got dumped this time around, triggering a sense of schadenfreude in the pit of my stomach.

vocab building

image source: Pexels


2. Autodidact

It means – a person who is self-taught and spends lots of time on-researching and learning, without the help of a mentor.

e.g.- I had potential but organizational education had ruined me. Now, I am an autodidact.

3. Pen-pusher

It means- your average Jane or Joe who pays the bill by doing a dead-end office job.

e.g.- The British regime might have introduced modern education in colonial India .Be that as it may, the aim was to convert the schools and colleges as factories churning pen-pushers.


4. Madeleine

It means- a small, molded cake made from flour, sugar, egg, sugar and butter and mainly available from North-Eastern France.

e.g. – “Are you visiting Commercy in NE France? How about bringing a dozen of petit Madeleine for me on your way back?”


5. Boffo

It means- something superbly successful.

e.g.- “True Detective” Season-2 failed to manage a boffo run in the BO unlike its predecessor. Now we don’t know when the season 3 will hit the screen.


6. Moxie

It means- energy, courage, determination, spunk etc.

e.g.- Though experience makes us wiser , it chips away some of the moxie we all used to have once upon a time..


7. Whippersnapper

It means- a young gun who is green behind the ears but play up as smarty-pants.

e.g.-“ I know the way of the world more than you do, you audacious whippersnapper millennial!”


8. Cannon-fodder

It means- poorly treated expendables.

e.g.-  Most of the times, the unpaid interns are used as canon-fodders in corporate alter.


9. Schoomzing

It means- gossiping.

e.g.- The city bloggers’ networking events were meant for forming connections, but they have massively turned into schoomizing ground now-a-days.


10. Reverie

It means- a state of building castle in the air, day-dreaming.

e.g. – I binge-watched Peaky Blinders throughout the weekend. And every time Cillian Murphy smiled on-screen, I lost my mind into a beautiful reverie.





8 thoughts on “10 powerful words I am in love, for last 10 days

  1. Neha Sharma says:

    Frankly speaking, I didn’t know of many words mentioned by you. It’s really great to know and learn some new words and add to my vocab. Thanks for sharing!

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