Crime, sex, and romance? Here, 3 one-time reads

When every other book reco on internet talks about productivity, I take pride on my taste on reading fluff stuff once-in-a-while. Here, 3 recommendations for some cheesy entertainment-


Book: The Lost Girls

Author: Heather Young

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Historical fiction

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Plot summary in one sentence:

The lives of four generations of women got entwined with disappearance of a child in a summer lake house, family secret, pedophilia, and abusive domestic relationships- in the span of 60 years.

Goodreads Link:

 The Lost Girls , Heather Young

Missing child? Check. Daddy is a perv? Check.  Trouble single-mom-tortured-by-boyfriend-and-burdened-with-trouble teenage kids? Check. Family secrets getting spilled out decades later? Right there. In case you are looking for all these and some unpleasant characters colliding , then The Lost Girls is for you.

I like thrillers where something bad happens during summer vacation, probably inside a cabin in the wood or at a lake house.  The story is told through past-and-present format. While I liked the gutsy female characters of the past, the present-day Justine and Maurie exasperated me. What was that about chasing men and making big blunders ?

Tip: In case a periodic mystery piece with twisted lives interests you, then go for it.


Book: You (You #1)

Author: Caroline Kepnes

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Plot summary in one sentence:  

Psycho-cum- social media stalker-cum-bibliophile Joe Goldberg met aspiring creative writer Guinevere Beck at a NY bookstore and fell hard for her , only to f**k her life up later.

Goodreads Link:

Book: You (You #1) Author: Caroline Kepnes Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Joe in You is book-lover and the man with deep observation about life and people. Heck, he is the man who doesn’t view the object of his lust and desire through a rose-tinted glass.  Being socially awkward myself, I can empathize some of Joe’s desperation and loneliness and justifications to some extent.

On the other hand, Beck (the object of his desire) is vapid, charismatic, innocent and gratifying on nerves. behind why he does what he does.

Tip: For the love of lucid writing, weird sex scenes , taut plot and lives of rich-elite-poor beautiful people in NY, give it a shot.


Book: The Bookshop on the Corner

Author: Jenny Colgan

Genre: Romance, Chick Lit

Rating: 3 / 5

Plot summary in one sentence:

Librarian-cum-books matcher-turned- mobile book-shop owner Nina Redmond goes to a Scottish hamlet for earning breads, and meantime,  got ‘lovingly’ (read:super-annoyingly) smothered-up by two phony men.

Goodreads Link:

Book: The Bookshop on the Corner Author: Jenny Colgan

It’s hard for me not to like a protagonist who loves books. It’s doubly harder when she is kinda planning to bootstrap a business revolving around books, books and more books. I tried very earnestly to like Nina Redmond- the heroine of The Bookshop On The Corner. What marred for me is her sacrificing potential at the altar of an utterly dislikeable man.

Other things that got my goat-

  • The inhabitants of the village (where Nina moves with her mobile book van) are downright welcome-y and saccharine sweet,
  • there was no hiccups in grabbing customers, and
  • best friends, and
  • rude-yet-hot-(in appearance-and-in-bed, what else) landlord.


Tip:  For a frothy Valentine read without giving your hear-strings a tug, this one is okay-ish.



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