Eat out@Byloom Cafe

It was a cold, crispy afternoon that was screaming loud for a hot cuppa along with a plate of fries. And what was best to do it in style other than hitting the newly revamped Byloom café? If you are new to Kolkata then remember that Byloom is one of the prominent spots in this city when it comes to selling handloom sarees, handmade jewelry and other artifacts. But besides the lovely garbs it has on offer, what draws me towards Byloom like a moth-is its downstairs canteen.


The table arrangement was minimalist

I simply drool over their coconut water with honey, the thick fish cutlets as well as kadak milk tea with handmade cookies (latter as freebies). Since the time I got to know that the canteen had been going through a renovation and closed for an indefinite period, I felt the need to visit it as soon as it opens. Then luck struck, the dots got connected, and I found myself along with my companions, at the doorstep of new Byloom Café- at its shiniest form.

Upon entrance what I found is that the old canteen remains intact but they have remodeled the backyard and extended the café there (including an artificial fountain). The décor was soothing with the pretty ceiling lights, brightly painted benches and wall decors. You can see them from the pictures below-


The stars do give a dreamy vibe to the ambience


Aren’t the benches so ‘sit-worthy’?

Once seated, I pounced upon the menu card and let out a sigh of relief finding the old favorites were still, coupled with some new additions. My other two companions were only keen on having tea while I needed something deep fried along with the liquid stimulant, so I zeroed upon the new-kid-on-the-block called Eggaji.

For me, the USP of Byloom canteen had always been the promptness of the service. We received the tea within 5-7 minutes upon ordering and given the sluggish serving standard of most of the Kolkata cafés, this feat seemed to me pretty impressive.


The cookies were not-too-sweet and perfectly melting-in-mouth


We were half-way sipping into our tea when the benign server came with the tray of two sumptuous plates full of Eggaji. It was nothing but vegetable pakoda with lots of capsicum with an egg batter. Though the fritter was piping hot and crispy, to my taste buds it came okayish.


Not the best picture but don’t they look delish?

I would rate it 6 out of 10 in terms of taste. Each plate consisted of 6 pieces of Eggaji. Overpriced- if you compare the price (of whopping Rs.80) against the size of the pakodas. But when we dine out in posh looking restaurants in this city, we take it for given that we will be overcharged. Right?

I have previously tasted luchi-mangsho, fish fry and sandwiches from the Byloom canteen kitchen, and they fared much better in comparison to this fresh add-on called Eggaji.


Grab them till the winter lasts

Nevertheless, with its hygienic ambience, classy décor and swift service- eating out at Byloom has always been a pleasurable experience for me. If you are in the town, don’t miss the opportunity to hit the café.


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