4 tools that save my back while writing

When I first started my freelance writing journey, I was rather hesitant. I don’t have a background in literature/writing, so during the first year I was constantly on my toes whether I am doing it correct or not. Though some of my clients were quite encouraging and gave me time to edit and re-edit multiple times, other times I truly struggled about how to pen down a grammatically correct, commercial piece for the e-commerce consumers to get drawn into.

Although I am yet to own ‘professional writing in English’ like a boss, the path has become smoother thanks to a host of tools that can be found in the internet itself. If you have an aspiration to- grow your vocabulary, get guided by fellow writers or do the simple task of churning out fresh content day-after-day, then the following tools will come handy to you without any doubt-

Plagiarism Checker

This is literally the life-saver on the off chance you are taking this ‘business’ seriously and not planning to botch up your assignment upon the first submission itself. For a penny-crunch writer, it’s really hard to buy any paid version of plagiarism checker (I have been toying with this idea myself for a long period of time and now made peace with the fact that I will be using the free ones for the time being).


Pic Source: Pixabay

Small SEO Tools and CopyScape are two of the most smooth-running plagiarism checkers I have used so far. And the best part? They are completely free till the time you are going for the premium version. If you are new to this field, then do give each of these a try.

Online lexicons

I assume that even for English major, it’s pretty hard to remember the synonyms, antonyms or idioms to recall, pick and place in the right setting, while creating content for web. A good, old, sturdy hard-back dictionary may sound romantic and give you the ‘feel’ of being a serious writer, developing content for websites becomes easier with online lexicons.


Pic Source: Pixabay

WordWeb is practical software to download, install and run whenever you are stuck with a new word. If you, similar to me, hesitate to put a word without knowing how it pronunciates in the first place, then also WordWeb gives you the most convenient route. For idioms, http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/ is another treasure trove.

Writers Stack Exchange

If you by any means have visited Stack Overflow, then you will understand that what Stack Overflow implies for coders, Stack Exchange is for writers. Got a question regarding how to up your game in the field of technical writing? Or are you more bothered about the perfect sentence construction while writing for web? Writers Stack Exchange is the optimum platform that gives you the liberty to question, answer and interact with fellow content editors/technical writers/professional content developers and newbie authors.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Having a killer title is the job half-done, when your aim is to attract maximum number of readers to the content. In the event you are tearing your hair apart thinking about the suitable topic title, the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator may come at your service.


Pic Credit: http://cdn2.hubspot.net/

Once you fill up the mandatory fields with nouns 1,2,3 and press Enter- you shall be provided with catchy titles as many as 5 at any given point of time. I, as of late, have discovered this fantastic writing tool that made web writing way cooler for me.


The internet is the most erudite guide for anyone out there. Though my foundation of writing in English was set by my English teacher in school, but nothing can replace the innumerable materials one can get from net, to sharpen one’s composition skill.



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