5 freelancing woes (apart from delayed payments & impossible deadlines)

Freelancing gave me the opportunity to be my own boss, to work for flexible hours and to pick and choose the projects after my choice.

However, any freelancer worth her salt would tell you that two of the biggest headaches that come with self-employment are – chasing away the clients for payment and meeting the steep deadlines (especially when you are juggling with multiple assignments).

But there are some ancillary woes that pop up, when you are confined to you own solitary, private work-space throughout the day.

Whether you are an iOS app developer, a graphic designer or a content writer sailing your own boat, the following anguishes must have rocked your dinghy at some-point -of time or other.

Combating Weight gain

5 freelancing woes in India

image credit: Pexels

Sitting is the silent killer of 21st century and who knows it better than someone, whose sole earning depends upon typing away to glory all day? Flab growth in unlikely body parts is one of the biggest woes of being a freelance writer-converted-into-couch potato.

My biggest take away from this growing health hazard? Taking 5 minutes moving-around break once you are done working for 30 minutes- is a life saver.

Answering the foreboding “what do you do?”

Inspite of that fact that it is booming steadily, freelancing in India is still on its nascent stage. The previous generation has zilch concept about it mostly.

So when an aunt or uncle asks me what I do, I calmly reply I work from home for multiple clients.

Now whether they can make the head or tails out of it is entirely their prerogative, but so far I have received gawking or silence in return.

Battling Loneliness

5 freelancing woes in India

image credit: Pexels

Freelancing is a vehemently lonely job. Though it must be your own choosing to go solo while earning the proverbial bread-and-butter, sometimes you are bound to yearn for those invisible colleagues, never-been office holidays and workplace gossips.

While working for one’s own self is certainly a tempting call, the gnawing feel of isolation can be quite searing to the heart.

Fighting off the distractions

I don’t live with my family so catering to their frequent demands is out of question. I stay in a tiny, bare minimum, bachelorette pad so there is handful of knickknacks to take care of. Still, I fight off distractions every day while working from home.

Sometimes, a visitor (sales woman/ courier service) knocks on the door and keeps badgering with clueless inquiries.

Other times, a loud break out between next-flat or an uproarious TV volume from the upper flat does break off the harmony.

So fighting off distractions is the everyday battle that impoverished freelancers of India must feel acquainted with.

 Gnawing social media envy

5 freelancing woes in India

image credit: Pexels

This one is silly and quite self-inflicting. But seeing your friends on social media having ‘made it’ frequently (foreign trip, expensive gadgets, 5-star dine-outs etc.) may generate quite an unhealthy dose of envy.

I will be a bigot if I claim that I have become immune to these yet, but finally I am on my way towards social media purging.

What was my first step? Unfollowing the braggers painstakingly from my FB friend list. Result? A curated homepage full of posts suggesting books, movies, pet adoption etc.

So, what other freelancing woes you can list down?


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