6 random things to do as the Durga Puja this year is over

The whirl around goddess Durga make us forget that winter is coming (and then summer, monsoon for that matter) and we need energy to bear those harsher times. I have prepared a 7-ponters (randomly picked) list that can definitely do some physical as well as mental goodness to us.


We, the mere mortals called Bengalis, have already gained few pounds more due to all those chomping, gorging and sipping during those four days. So move aside the costly cold-pressed juices and lap up the goodness of bitter stick soaked into water. Drink 1 glass of it as the first thing in morning in an empty stomach.  Couple it with shallow fried or steamed bitter gourds with rice for lunch and you are on your way to detoxify in the cheapest and most organic way.

Let the steam off in FB

So many furious individuals on FB fight over everything under the sun- from surgical strike to beef curry and hurling choicest abuses to rank strangers doing so. So as the festive season is still waiting around, how about following the unwritten code-of-conduct for the arm-chair saviors, in this auspicious time?

Make love

All those deep fried snacks, umpteen cups of sweet milk tea, biryani and mutton kosha plates are quite unforgiving. While they linger on our taste buds for a long period of time, you will be left stranded once the party is over. If exercising hard and dieting till Diwali seem too much to shoulder, then how about making love? Bipasha Basu once famously said that the reason behind her hour-glass figure is ample sex round the week.

Post not another picture with backless ‘choli’

At this point, I have seen enough ‘backs’ on my FB timeline that would last me a lifetime. I have seen chubby back spilling out of the tiny blouse, or the suspiciously whitewashed back. Or shouldn’t we say something about the titillating back of a homely Bengali woman, which must appear in full view only for those 4 days annually? Whatever may the case be, how about giving the revealing cholis a rest for time being?

Brace yourself for more baby and wedding pictures

Once the frenzy about Durga Puja is over, here comes the wedding and baby popping-out season with its fullest glory. Unfollow the potential suitors and parents-to-be from your FB timeline (if you are like me). If not, then inhale profoundly and press the ‘like’ button on every nuptial picture or new baby posts without contemplating much.

Be a more Zen monk in front of parents

This one is co-related with the above point. Your parents might not be on any social media feed, but the constant stream of sanai coming out of any neighboring wedding pandal can make them moan profoundly and look at you critically. Not only that, any random marriage invitation card can push them to mourn over their descendant’s perpetual state of singlehood. In any of the above cases, hone zen-ness in front. You can’t oppose them with rationale, so why not applying EIEO (ear-in-ear-out) policy?


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