A quintuple list of why you should visit Purulia

Scorching heat? Check. Budget impediment? Check. Time constraint? Check. These were three major glitches before we zeroed on a nearby destination for mandatory ‘small’ outing in every 6 months. Purulia ticked off the checklist completely as when you don’t have money and time by your side; look for domestic (within your state) trips.  When we got off at Adra station after (around) 5 hours of journey via Aranyak Express, this 3-D painted exit- stairwell caught our collective fancy.



So, why should one go to see Purulia?

To test the succulent kebabs of hotel ‘Aakash’

Purulia might not be the go-to hub of West Bengal’s food trail; but if you ask (for good foods), you shall receive. Case in point- hotel ‘Aakash’. Located at the heart of Purulia town, this hotel encompassed with a shabby market, may dispirit you at first. Nonetheless don’t stop there. Rather marched ahead, take left, and push the wooden door of the hotel’s in-house dining room, open. The menu card is quite simple as it includes the same-ol’ north-Indian fare as well as bengalicized Chinese foods. But prompt service along with tasty cuisines is the USP of hotel ‘Aakash’. I can vouch for both of them as we had a lovely dinner there at our last night in Purulia.



This picture might not be the best of the quality, but small bites of those tender ‘chicken reshmi kebabs’ surely took me to the gastronomist’s heaven!

To marinate (I know it sounds weird) your soul with primal beauty of Marble Dam

Does it truly called Marble dam? Or does it have an alternative name amidst the locales? The magnificence of this place is something to behold of.


With ascending sandstone walls encircling a pristine lake- the scenery appeared to my sardonic eyes – a piece straight out of celluloid. Barring the faraway noises of dynamite blasting and a bunch of chortling college students- Marble Dam welcomed us with utmost serendipity and a raw loveliness- still untouched by the bane of urbanization to a large degree. Click photos, aim and toss pebbles at the water and watch the mesmerizing rippling effect or do mediation by sitting on the flat surface of a rock. But beware of one thing- a sturdy pair of shoes is a must. And no high-heels please!

To roam around at the promenade of upper dam


The promenade of the upper dam is a boulevard fit for a king’s morning walk. What’s with the breath-taking splendor of water beneath and the sun rays dancing on the tips of the waves? Take a walk from one end to the other of the walkway and if nothing else- it will surely lose your weight by few grams!

The view from the top of Joy Chandy temple


Climbing up 470 stairs (approx) of Joy Chandy temple is worth it- just for the panoramic view from the top. Even if you are not the best of the devotees in town, still you should take the pain of mounting the flight of steps to get the inclusive view of the ancient city of Adra- from the veranda of the temple. The lush greenery of monsoon, the nearly-spilling water bodies, the Lilliputian houses , the lone railway track plodding through the farmland- created a quite a spectacle for me. Do it even if the pain in your calf-muscles kills you later.

The mighty force of Panchet dam


You may lose your head and feel like bouncing over the fence-plunging straightaway into the whirlpool below, but therein lays the charm of Panchet dam. Ignore the poorly maintained Nehru Park (?) adjoined to the dam, if you want. But missing the fierce torrent of water (that looked to me as if I am watching a 3-D apocalyptic flick without a glass) would be a huge loss, if you are making a trip to Purulia.





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